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Liu Yan: an "opportunist", a satirical tragicomedy

In 1980, an ordinary family in Hengyang, Hunan Province unexpectedly ushered in a youngest daughter. At that time, the "family planning" was holding tight and the little girl was lucky to come to the world after paying a fine of 250 yuan.

"250", a very ironic number, just like her later life, is like a very ironic tragicomedy!

This girl is Liu Yan.


”"Son preference" seems to be the background color of that era. In this family, the same is true. Every time parents walk around, they always nag with their acquaintances that "this girl was picked up".

When Liu Yan grew up, she found that when her brother made trouble, she was scolded, "theory", "crying" and "resistance" Will only usher in more severe punishment, so she learned to "hide".

Liu's father supported his family by running freight in his early years. Later, his father sent rice noodles to the hotel for 50 cents a trip. Life was tight. Later, her parents and brother went to Guangzhou. She was "thrown" to her grandmother and became a "left behind child".

When you really want your parents or feel wronged, climb up the water tower near your home and cry.

In 1990, whether it was because of the economic improvement or the discovery of conscience, Liu's father and mother took 10-year-old Liu Yan to Guangzhou to study.

She liked dancing since childhood and wanted to go to the children's palace to learn dance. Liu Ma, who teaches Chinese, was not "civilized" and tried every means to prevent Liu Yan from learning to dance. She said to Liu Yan, "you only need to be in the first three grades of culture class.".


Liu Yan, who goes to primary school, likes children's Day best. He likes the program "pulling radishes" arranged by the intern teacher, which combines teaching with fun.

As "Liu Xiaopang", she gradually gained self-confidence because she became a literary and art committee member, so she won the school broadcast station broadcaster and "speaking pacesetter". Her interest and literary training at this time will help her in the field of hosting in the future. The "big show" has laid a good foundation.


Liu Yan, who has been a "left behind child", shows maturity and independence beyond those of the same year.

When studying in Guangzhou, Liu Yan, 13, cooked for his four year old brother when he came home on Saturday and Sunday.

At that time, my brother loved to keep birds, and the family was like a "paradise" for birds, with all the living facilities available. At this time, Liu Yan, a young parent, had just grown up and helped his brother to clean up the "battlefield" and "supply rations".



Later, after graduating from Hunan Normal University, Liu Yan became a nurse in a large hospital in Guangzhou.

Without that "accident", Liu Yan might get married, have children and live in peace like most ordinary girls.

But there is no if in life, and her life was forcibly pulled away from the original track by fate.



In 2002, Liu's mother was unfortunately found to have rectal cancer. After that, Liu's cancer cells spread to her kidney. The doctor suggested a nephrectomy. "Even if I kneel down and ask for help, I will save my mother's life." Liu Yan said firmly.

There is no savings at home, and my brother can't count on it. Liu Yan borrowed 30,000 yuan for "alms" and took the heavy burden of medical treatment on his shoulders.


Because there was no matching kidney source, she even discussed with her brother. If she couldn't, she used her.

Fortunately, mother Liu finally survived and the cancer cells were under control.

Some people say that the biggest difference between the poor and the rich is that the rich will not worry about not having enough money in their pockets and will not panic, while the poor will.

At this time, Liu Yan is the latter. Although her mother's illness is not affected for the time being, her mother's illness makes her think of danger in times of peace. She wants to earn enough money.

Three years later, in order to win 10000 yuan, the 25-year-old Liu Yan participated in the "cat man super charm hosting show" competition held by ray media. Although he only ranked seventh, he was included by ray because of his solid hosting skills and beautiful appearance.


At that time, she had a boyfriend. They fell in love with each other and had stable feelings. She had a strong nature. She didn't mention her mother's illness to him. She didn't want to rely on her boyfriend and couldn't talk.


He supports Liu Yan's work decision:

"If one day you become my wife and just clean up the housework and play cards, you will regret it. I don't want you to blame me."

So Liu Yan became "North drift". Text message from boyfriend

"Don't be afraid. Do a good job. It's really not good. There's me. I'll raise you when I come back."

Never thought of this, the little couple would fly apart and miss their whole life.

Liu Yan, who had to make every effort to "fight", wanted to have his own place in the "imperial capital" as soon as possible.

But it's not easy to move the "cake" at the "foot of the emperor"?


In order to get more opportunities, she lives near the company and can be reached by phone in five minutes.

At the peak, 10 programs a day run up and down in high heels, and live as a "desperate Sanniang".

Liu Yan, who has been abused by "work" for thousands of times, still supports himself with strong ideas.

Even if I didn't finish work until 3 o'clock last night, I would get up in 3 seconds as soon as the alarm clock rang.


Nevertheless, life still didn't treat her well. Liu Yan, who had just entered the industry, welcomed a heavy hammer.

On December 13, 2005, "limitless" will be released soon.

Liu Yan was informed that Chen Kaige's interview was compressed into a few minutes, and the headset kept urging "ask a question quickly".

"Will it hurt your self-esteem if the result of limitless is not as good as you expected?" Liu Yan asked.


Unexpectedly, as soon as this remark came out, director Chen was angry on the spot, "I'm very unhappy about what you said. My film is about to be released. Since you asked me a bad question, what's your intention?", Seeing this, Chen Hong immediately asked to stop the interview.

After the next broadcast, Liu Yan was silly and said, "I have offended big people. Can I still live?"


The leader called her, and she thought, "the work is estimated to be over.".

But when she came backstage, there was a burst of applause. Everyone said that her news was great and true, but she still collapsed and had nightmares for more than a month.

Nameless prawn thinks: the film is like food, which is hard for everyone to adjust. It's either good or bad. Liu Yan's statement is in line with the rules, and there's nothing wrong with it. Director Chen Da obviously picks up the "soft persimmon" and pinches it, avoiding and deceiving himself.


Soon after, Liu Yan and Ou Di, as Wu Zongxian's partner, presided over the sky on Saturday.

Because Liu Yan has her own hosting bottom line, she can't tolerate being too stupid or pretending to be stupid on the stage. Therefore, when she is too active on the stage, she is scolded by the producer: "will you host? Did you take this role?"



The producer even said:

"If you're really capable, you'll be on your own! If the TV station doesn't recommend you, even if you kneel down and lick my toes, I won't use you!"


There are no double blessings and no single misfortune.

The contradiction between ideal and work, long-time and high-intensity work pressure, her body began to strike.


During one work, Liu Yan suddenly felt a burst of pain in his chest. He was diagnosed with fibroma in his chest and had to be operated on immediately.


Liu Yan's first reaction was,

"I'm broken. What about this family?"

Fortunately, it was finally found to be benign, and her career also ushered in a turnaround.

In order to leave a thought for the young herself, she agreed to the invitation of men's clothes in 2008.

The first time she took the cover, she didn't know how to be sexy, so she narrowed her eyes and tried to make "provocative" eyes. The photographer was amused by her, "what are you doing?"

After shooting, the editor in chief said to her, "you will find two changes: first, you will raise the price; second, middle-aged mature men will start to look at you."

Later, she appeared in men's wear (cover) three times, which was later.

Two years later, Liu Yan played the sexy and enchanting Yunmei who was crazy about love in painting the wall directed by Chen Jiashang. Through this play, many people knew Liu Yan.


When she was dressed in a black deep v-perspective costume for film promotion, the next Baubel couldn't open her eyes.

When Feng Yuanzheng, the old opera bone, ridiculed him for his disgrace and gave him advice, Mr. Bao also made a divine comment,

"You went and you saw it. It's amazing."

Later, in films such as "No. 2 detective" and "four famous catches", Liu Yan frequently made large-scale films, and frequently boldly dressed for publicity, with an increase in exposure and resources visible to the naked eye.

When Liu Yan thought he could always follow the "sexy route", some people often sang "black face".

"How many years can you be popular just by your face and figure? What's the use of dressing up so well every day



A good figure is like a double-edged sword in the entertainment industry. Sometimes it makes people laugh and cry.


In the new full moon machete, Liu Yan plays the charming Qin Keqing. As a result, the onlookers shouted at her:

"Did she play Pan Jinlian?"

Many people attacked Liu Yan: what's good, just a piece of silica gel.

Once Liu Yan laughed directly when he read the comments of netizens. The comments wrote:

"The person who is most afraid of mother Rong in the world should be Liu Yan. Because mother Rong will stab her with a needle."

Later, inspired by the German short series "loser lady", Dapeng wanted to make a sitcom of "loser man". Liu Yan was the first star to promise him. Liu Yan said: "it's not easy for you to organize a play".


Later, Dapeng started filming "pancake man". Liu Yan was not informed before starting the film. When shooting, he directly discussed the script with her. Maybe this is a true friend. He knows the root and the bottom, and there are not so many rules and regulations.

Dapeng said, "don't worry, where there is me, there must be you."


After the release of "pancake man" in July 2015, Liu Yan, with the title of box office heroine of 1.2 billion, shot the cover of "men's wear" again and made three copies at one time.


After that, Liu Yan encountered the biggest crisis in his career.

Liu Yan was invited to attend Bauer's wedding as a bridesmaid,

If she can predict the future, it is estimated that she will not go to death.

In the process of making bridesmaids, Bao bell, Han Geng and Du Haitao jointly picked up Liu Yan and wanted to throw her into the swimming pool. Liu Yan struggled and screamed desperately. All the guests cheered and waited for the "wet body drama" to be staged. Only Jia Ling saved her.


On the same day, Liu Yan was teased and even went to the top of the hot search list as the bridesmaid, and directly crushed Du Haitao.


After the video spread rapidly on the Internet, public opinion became polarized. Some people said that "the bridesmaid group looks like a person on the surface, but it's really what it is," and some people said that "Liu Yan borrowed other people's weddings and took the opportunity to hype"......

Two days after the incident, Liu Yan was the first to publicly apologize, and even made a poison oath a few months later to break the suspicion of "speculation".



After that, Liu Yan disappeared and was reportedly blocked.


That year, Liu Yan not only fell into a career, but her father also left her.

At that stage, Liu Yan fell into deep remorse and anxiety.

"I'm almost 40 years old. I don't have a family. Who do I want to live for the rest of my life?"

In the past, she always liked to talk about her struggle history and make money to support her family in the interview. After her father left, she realized, "it's not that they need me, but that I need them more."

After her father's funeral, she slowed down and went to the United States to study and continue to study language. Liu Yan, who calmed down, finally welcomed his masterpiece beneficiary. She plays Yue Miaomiao, an online celebrity anchor whose experience highly coincides with her.


The scene of removing makeup in front of the camera saw countless people crying and countless netizens turning black into powder.


With this role, Liu Yan won the first movie queen in his life - the best actress of the Macao International Film Festival.

In December 2015, she won the Magnolia Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the legendary drama "Young Marshal" and her charming cousin.

Liu Yan finally has a masterpiece and has the capital not to be molested arbitrarily.


Throughout the first half of Liu Yan's life, it is not so much a story of "grassroots" counter attack as a satirical tragicomedy.


Liu Yan has worked hard as a host for more than ten years. He has not succeeded in hosting so many programs. Instead, he has succeeded in "coming out of the circle" quickly by relying on his "chest instrument". "Sexy" has become the biggest label of her consumption, but the public ignores how hard she works.

"Bridesmaid storm" clearly showed that she was the biggest victim, but she had to apologize publicly. She was struggling and excluded in the entertainment industry.

The good news is:

A child who was once despised by his family finally saved a shaky and sick family with his own strength and became the pillar and pride of the family.

At the age of nearly 40, Liu Yan finally has a director who appreciates her like Zhang Li, several representative works, and real friends like Dapeng, Liu Tong and Jia Ling. Isn't it gratifying?

For most of us, the opportunity to change our lives is once or twice.

"Opportunist" has never been a derogatory term. It means: when the opportunity does not come, be ready and quietly strengthen yourself; When the opportunity comes, try your best to seize it, so as to turn the world around and turn over brilliantly!

Liu Yan, a girl from an ordinary family, seized the opportunity. Only with her spirit and courage to do her best for her dream can she really afford the word "goddess", which is worth remembering and learning at the same time.

Bless her!